Building a Life

Workbook in English, created to accompany Module 3 of my Foundational Training

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The birth of this book

"Building a Life" came into being as a workbook for "Five Days with the Twelve Organ Function Energy" – Module 3 of my Foundational Training, "Jin Shin Jyutsu – Being in Movement." At the same time, the book's texts distill a perspective from over 35 years of my playing with this mighty energy level, into a presentation that might be of interest to anyone with a background in Jin Shin Jyutsu, or other energy work. The book, which draws on my experience as a practitioner and instructor and incorporates into its explanations many a question that students have asked over the past twenty-five years, does obviously not replace in-depth and in-person study, and it should not be used as sole support for practicing the Art.

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Organ Function Energy

The importance of Organ Function Energy reaches far beyond body repair, a role it often finds itself all too narrowly associated with, even though Mary Burmeister in her writing laid the foundation for a very different understanding. 

"Building a Life" highlights how this energy level both generates our body, and builds our life in flesh and blood by guiding the unfoldment of our personality and force of action. In writing this book I set out to find a language, imagery and illustrations that would sensitize us to the full scope of this life-unfolding energy. I joyfully immersed myself in "rewriting" this book in English, from its German original.

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Theory and practice

The result is a book that combines texts unlocking a broad perspective on "Who" Organ Function Energy is, with easeful descriptions of Organ Function Energy circulation patterns as they arise in a body that is just coming into manifestation. It weaves into those descriptions, the personality aspects simultaneously "written into the body " as it manifests. And it presents illustrations that seek to convey as much of the aliveness and three-dimensionality of the energy as any two-dimensional illustration can. Find more about the book below.

Should you chose to attend module 3 at some point, 20 € of the books purchase price may be credited to the first-time class fee.

The book with its clear layout, solid cardboard back and front cover, sturdy metal spiral binding, contemporary type face, printed on high quality paper, was conceived from the start as an object pleasant to the eye and touch, so as to be a worthy reflection of the Art of Being it presents.

Its format and general graphic design were conceived by Dominick Geiger.

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Completely new illustrations created by artist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner Madeline Fan were the fruit of a constant close dialogue. They span

  • new and different renditions of organ function circulation patterns, each represented without with any hand steps on one page, and then again with the hand steps for harmonizing them, on a separate page
  • drawings showing where and how to tune into the pulses
  • and visuals explaining pulse rhythms, and making them tangible.

Before the book dives into the descriptions of Organ Function Energy circulation patterns, the general texts include

  • Introductory remarks
  • Organ Function Energy in energetic context
  • Organ Function Energy – A closer look
  • "Consciousness, Voice and Energy"
  • Organ Function Energy in historical context
  • Organ Function Illustrations – The choices we have made
  • Order of the Twelve Organ Function Energy
  • Interplay of the Twelve Organ Function Energy
    • 1) Interplay of the levels
    • 2) Interplay of the twelve aspects 
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Building a Life

Workbook in English, to accompany Module 3, "Five Days with Organ Function Energy," of my Foundational Training, "Jin Shin Jyutsu – Being in Movement."

Purchase price of 30 € includes international shipping.

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