A complete toolbox to keep refining your touch and deepen your presence throughout your life

The Online Course "To Feel"

An Online Course for all Energy and Body Workers

Find out why the Online Course "To Feel" is a must for all who apply their hands on others in a sensitive and meaningful way...


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The Course

A precious tool for all energy and body workers !

The course is made up of 24 videos that contain feeling exercises and exercises on the quality of touch, as well as two mp3s with self help exercises. It spans an arc from landing within myself to weaving all that we have learned together right there at the treatment table / couch. It takes the learner "by the hand" in a finely tuned sequence of steps, journeying towards gentler, deeper and more conscious presence, both with myself and others.

In the long run, the course offers a precious set of tools that can be used and deepened over and over again, one by one.

More about the author and his work

Find out more about Matthias Roth and his approach. Whether you have experienced him as an instructor or not, the online course will get you right into the depth of feeling your own presence and sensitivity!


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You want to know what exactly to expect? On this two-page PDF, you will find the complete listing of all ten chapters, 24 videos and 2 mp3s, with short texts describing the content of each. On the second page, you will also find the complete listing of the duration of each piece.

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