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Each episode of the Online Study Circle is made up of several teaching videos
like the one below, and so much more¬†‚Äď see below.

What to expect
over the course of five months :

This may change in accordance with participants' needs and desires 
  • month¬†1¬†:¬†understanding the artist's approach ‚Äď freeing and steadying perception
  • month¬†2¬†:¬†understanding textures in the pulses, by¬†anchoring them at the fingertips
  • month¬†3¬†:¬†organ function relationships in the pulses, locations on the wrist
  • month¬†4¬†:¬†bustline, waistline, hipline, and safety energy locks, in the pulses
  • month¬†5¬†: rhythms in the pulses, and answering open questions
  • month 6 : all you need to keep evolving these tools beyond the five months

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What you will find in your library, in each episode

1 – Videos

teaching videos

where all layers of the topic come alive

feeling exercises

that create embodied learning  

hands-on self-help

demonstrating clear, practical self-help

2 – Audio

The guided mediation

Inviting you to get grounded and still, the twenty minutes of guided meditation, audio only, gently let the topic of the month come alive again on cell level, in the spaces of your body and in your state of being. 

3 – Live

The Live-Webinar

Throughout the years, a monthly Facebook live gathering and Q&A gave members and non members space to ask anything they'd been wanting to know about the philosophy and application of Jin Shin Jyutsu – Being in Movement. At times, a feeling exercise invites one to tune in to the month's topic. You'll find a full recording of each month's live cast in the member area.

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What the others had to say

This meditation is so simple and yet so powerful. Never have I felt so grounded in my base and feet AND AT THE SAME TIME so light, open and limitless in my upper body. It's a daily precious gift you offer, thank you Matthias

- Gianna -

Wonderful listening to this again after 6 months! The richness of the presentation becomes even more obvious to me. Thank you!

- Mary -

In all my years of study I have never understood 1st Depth as I do in this moment. The depth, yet practicality of your teaching is profound in this new found discovery and meaning I have of 1st Depth. After the feeling exercise in your video I feel so present in my body. So calm with full awareness of myself. With sincere Gratitude for your heart felt knowledge of this Healing Art, I Thank you

- Sandy -

This resonates....I have studied (out of curiosity) many healing modalities. Some I continue to use. JSJ is one of those that deeply resonated from the beginning. The technique has art that springs from a deep core of understanding, even as I learn what I am following.

- Jerome -


Wonderful, thats all I can say ..... I love the way you teach ...

- Charleen -

Thank you, I was feeling helpless, tired – lupus flare! After this meditation I felt back to earth, with energy that will help me to get out of my bed and start flow. Am grateful for this first time ever meditation.

- Rula -



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