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Year One of the Online Study Circle

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Get the twelve chapters spanning April 2019 to March 2020

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In all my years of study I have never understood 1st Depth as I do in this moment.
The depth, yet practicality of your teaching is profound in this new found discovery and meaning I have of 1st Depth.
After the feeling exercise in your video I feel so present in my body. So calm with full awareness of myself.
With sincere Gratitude for your heartfelt knowledge of this Healing Art,
I Thank you

Sandra Krist

Thank you. Very beautifully explained, very clear.

Anna Ter Steege

I love the way you teach. Your words are precise, they speak to my mind, nourishing it AND, at the same time, your body's movements give to me a silent comprehension, much deeper, direct and ancient.

Gianna Grandi Lambelet

Wonderful, thats all I can say ..... I love the way you teach ...

 Charleen Betn


Five elements

make up each of your 12 episodes :

Three categories of videos

for three distinctive angles


Generally broken down into several segments, the teaching videos take you right into the flesh and blood of the subject with rich imagery, and in a language that speaks to more than the mind alone.


The feeling exercises demonstrated on video provide the sensory and sensitive pathway into the heart of the learning matter, translating it into inner experience.


Working with the month's subject in hands-on self-help as shown – varied and easy to do – helps further anchor the essence in your body.

Plus this

to take you even deeper

A monthly Meditation

The month's guided meditation will get you grounded in stillness as the month's subject comes alive again. It'll flood you as an overall sensation, and you'll discover it in your body's tissues and inner spaces…

The monthly Livecast

This is where you'll find the full recording of the month's live Q&A, allowing you to absorb again the answers to a range of questions by members, touching on the philosophy and practical application of Jin Shin Jyutsu – Being in Movement.

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What subjects did we study?

Who really is...
  • Trinity Energy ?
  • The Main Central ?
  • The Supervisor ?
  • The Mediator ?
  • 1st Depth ?
  • The One ?
  • The Two and Three ?
  • The Four ? 
  • 2nd Depth ?
  • The Five, Six and Seven ? 
  • The Eight ?
  • The Nine ?

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